maanantai 18. helmikuuta 2013

Ski touring and Splitboarding

Once a gain we packed our car and went to one day long touring trip to the are of Pyhä. This time I was there with Simo Vilhunen who has lately become very eager splitboarder. We had nice weather with all kinds of light conditions. Great times for sure! Only downside was that on the final run I broke my ski when my ski struck to a rock on the middle of a turn. Well I try to fix it and if I manage to save it I will post something about it in here :)

I also got to shoot some Auroras for the first time with my new Sony gear, and have to say that they worked great! Or what you think about the photos please leave a comment both positive and negative comments are welcome.

And no video this time.. Sorry!

All the photos are shot whit Sony A99 and Sony lenses.

Simo Touring

quick bite and "SOME" (social media) moment

Tracks just waiting to be "skinned"

Managed to take at least this one frame  of the descent:)  Simo missed the sweet spot  I was aiming for , I should have explained it better. 

Ok! Simo hated the frame and I have to admit that the angle didn`t work so well, but with a skier this would have worked. Reminder! when taking photos of snowboarder the angle from straight behind the rider rarely works.

I just love those snow covered Spruces

Simo on the last climb

Damn! the willow grouse got the first tracks

Beautiful snow covered scenery.

On the way back we saw these nice Auroras and we just had to take some snaps of them. Shot these with Sony A99 and Sony 16-35mm F2,8 CZ lens.

keskiviikko 13. helmikuuta 2013

Freezing Ski Touring ( 10.02.2013 )

Last Sunday I went with Mikko Keskinarkaus to the area of Pyhä to do some ski touring. The weather was quite harsh and the temperatures were between -25 to -15. I actually managed to freeze the toes from my left foot and they were still hurting on the next day. Other than that we were ok and my camera gear didn`t have any problems with the cold.
I shot the photos with Sony A99 and the lenses I used were Sony 16-35mm F2.8, Sony 50mm F1.4 and Sony 70-200mm F2.8. The following video was shot with Sony Action Cam. There are non action shots because Me and Mikko we wanted to ski and taking somewhat decent skiing photo would have needed some extra preparations and line searching. Well.. a great day out to do some scouting for future shoots :)

perjantai 8. helmikuuta 2013

Pow weekend ( 2-3.2.2013 )

Janne Kairala pushing through pillows 

Did some nice skiing and falls last weekend. On Saturday I was on this one "secret" spot with Janne Kairala and on Sunday I was with Mikko Keskinarkaus and Mika Fält on the backcountry of Pyhä. Didn`t do that much of a photography but had the Sony Action Cam with me and I edited a small edit of the weekend.

Photos shot with Sony A99 and video shot with Sony Action Cam

Janne having fun

Mika Fält touring on Pyhä

Maija Laitinen and Mikko Keskinarkaus about to descent

and Mikko on the descent

Spot the "rainbow" rider

Flakes and Camo

Mika Fält

Mikko Keskinarkaus